College & Career

It’s Saturday afternoon and you’re hungry. You’re a college student or a young adult which generally means cash is tight. You want to hang out, have a good time with friends, and get a bite to eat! What do you do? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Join other young adults at our college and career group in Koinonia Kafe Saturday's at noon. Come for lunch and stay for the discussion. Bible studies cover a range of topics from current events to theological hurdles to end time prophecy. This is a group that will feed your stomach, your intellect and your spirit. Come join us this Saturday. You will be glad you did. This group is for young adults who have completed High School and are either in college or in the early stages of their career.  Trips and activities are planned throughout the year for this group.




A local chapter of RATIO CHRISTI meets at our local colleges Germana Community College and University of Mary Washington under the direction of Rob Lundberg.  Click HERE more information on Ratio Christi...